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Changing Health within the Community

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In the Words of CHWs

"I loved this program. It taught me so much that I did not know. It is something that I use in my job currently and I can always use in the future."

Julie P

St. Luke's Hospital

"I have been a CHW for years, but not recognized by Community or the Network I represent. After CHW training I learned there is so much more we can do for our community. I access social determinants of health that can save lives. So thinking of that I decided to go forward, and get my Certification through the state of PA."

Gloria R

Valley Health Partners at LVHN

"I loved coming to class because I knew I would learn something interesting or even new at every class."

Jaqueda P.

Greater Hazelwood Community Collaborative

About the CHW Collaborative

The PA Community Health Worker (CHW) Collaborative is a growing local, regional, and statewide network focused on working together to address individual and community health. It's not something new necessarily, perhaps more a way of organizing active collaboration, education, and support around community health workers in our health centers, community organizations, and neighborhoods. 


A Community Health Worker (CHW) is an individual who contributes to improved health outcomes in the community where they reside and/or where they share ethnicity, language and life experiences. Community Health Workers proactively serve as a liaison between communities and healthcare agencies, provide guidance and social assistance to community residents, advocate for individuals and community health, provide referrals and follow up services for care and so much more.

Pennsylvania Area Health Education Center (AHEC) regions offer a 100-hour CHW training program designed to provide the core competencies needed for CHWs to work in community-based organizations and in outpatient and inpatient medical settings, as well as apply for state certification as a Community Health Worker. Training classes also attend to and incorporate a trauma-informed approach to care, and this mindset reaches beyond the classroom as an organizing principle of the collaborative: to support and strengthen individuals engaged in community health work and the organizations who employ them. 

Our hope is to be part of something greater than the sum of its parts. 

PA CHW Collaborative Partners