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Diabetes and Eye Health (ADA) : June 2

The American Diabetes Association (ADA) with support from VSP® Vision Care and Regeneron Pharmaceuticals Inc. has launched the Focus on Diabetes™ (FOD) initiative to focus on the crucial role annual comprehensive eye exams play in the early detection, intervention, and prevention of eye disease and vision loss caused by diabetes.

The ADA has partnered with NACHW to develop a training around this initiative and train CHWs on diabetes and how it relates to eye health.

This training will be 90 minutes with a 30 minute Q&A period at the end. Everyone who attends the session and completes the final survey will receive a certificate of completion from NACHW. In addition, NACHW is holding a raffle for all attendees of five $50 gift cards.

Date and time: June 2nd, 3-5 PM EST

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