Community Rewards

Gain points towads a digital $35 Visa Prepaid e-card by completing Covid-19 Pre-Post Surveys

How do the points and rewards work? 

We can really use your help. As part of the Covid-19 Response Initiative through the Allegheny County Health Department via the CDC (the 7 Series Covid-19 CORE Sessions and Lunch & Learns), we are tasked with evaluating how things are going - what's being learned, is it practical and applicable, do folks find it useful, and so on. 

To do this, we need those who complete each of the 7 Covid-19 CORE Sessions to also complete the pre- and post-session surveys. As a thank you for completing (yet another) survey - actually 14 of them! - we would like to offer you a $35 prepaid Visa card upon completion of the pre- and post-surveys for all seven sessions. 

The Community Rewards point system built into this website helps us track where you are as you gather points for completing the Covid sessions and surveys. Reach 35 points and you'll receive an email on how to have your digital $35 Visa card emailed to your inbox. Easy peasy. 

You can track your status by clicking on "My Rewards" on your profile dropdown in the upper right-hand corner of the webpage.